Kingdom of Origin

Our Story

Exclusive Collections

We are committed to supporting an ethical and sustainable, slow-fashion industry.

Girls navy and gold star print pleated dress

The Spirit

The idea for Kingdom of Origin was born from a desire to create beautiful clothes for girls, focussing on the very best of British craftsmanship. Our vision is to inspire something different within the market: a truly authentic and unique British made brand.

British factory owner pattern cutting
British seamstress sewing on a Kingdom of Origin label

Thoughtfully Considered

By supporting local artisans and ethical factories, we aim to improve the local economy and do our bit in helping to revive British manufacturing. All with the added benefit of being able to keep a close eye on the production of each piece created.

Not only are we making all of our garments in the United Kingdom, we’re sourcing fabric, trims and producing all of our labels and packaging here, too, ensuring our carbon footprint is minimised wherever possible.

Best of British Manufacturing
Embroidery machines in British clothing factory

The Heart

Our Collections comprise of exquisitely soft fabrics, the majority of which are sourced and milled in the UK, and we continue to create exclusive items in the most luxurious feel and finish.

Even more importantly, by supporting those behind the brand, we are creating something more valuable than just another premium childrenswear label – we strive for the best, ethically and physically, offering our K.O.O customers a better choice, from source to finish.


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