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Meet the Maker

British Mill Owner and knitted jersey expert
Discovery Knitting loom in Great Britain
British weave technician knitting jersey on loom
Machine at British textiles mill

Our super soft, luxurious fabrics feature a blend of ethically sourced wovens and custom-made knits.

Here in the heart of Great Britain, we have the privilege of working with one of the countries most prestigious high-end boutique mills, Discovery Knitting.

Meet Simon Cook, Technical Director and Owner of Discovery Knitting. Simon’s expertise has been paramount to helping us achieve the very best in British knitted fabrics.

Discovery Knitting have produced all of our luxuriously soft jersey, including our custom-made Cobalt Breton Stripe, with a touch of Lycra for stretch and comfort. Our custom stripe, featured in the Alexa Frill Dress is the ultimate tribute to the heritage of our textiles industry, showcasing the very best of British craftsmanship.

Photography by Peach and Jo


Meet the Maker

Journal :